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We herewith offer a label listing of the German Acme company. The records are exceedingly rare, some have never been found. If you can add, please get in touch. We would be pleased to know if any of the missing discs can be located.

The original listing was compiled by Jan Grundmann (Hamburg), who published it with a short company history in Fox auf 78, Nr.20, Sommer 2001, pp.16-17.
C.M. [Curt Max] Roehr at Berlin founded a music publishing business in 1888, cultivating American dance music including Ragtime and Cake Walk. After WWI he renewed his US contacts. To coincide with his 25th business anniversary he started a record company, Brandenburgische Sprechmaschinen AG. From July 1923 the company released discs on the Acme label, drawing on recent masters recorded by Emerson and Plaza in the US, and custom pressed by Artiphon, also in Berlin. In January 1924 Roehr began to record locally in Berlin in a matrix series prefixed "R" (for Roehr). Apart from titles recorded by Roehr's son-in-law, Austin Egen, all issues used fancy pseudonyms. In the summer of 1925 the company was sold to Artiphon, by 1926 the Acme label was discontinued.

Among those who have provided information are the following:  Han Enderman (Netherlands), Björn Englund (Stockholm), Klaus Krüger (Dietramszell), Horst H. Lange (Berlin), Michael Ladwig (Mücke), Katja Pfeifer (Köln), Enrico Pigorsch (Dresden), Thomas Schleussner-Schwarz (Berlin), Paul Sonntag (Bonn), Wilhelm Tartler (München).

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Acme Record  25cm diameter discs. There is a great variety of couplings. No catalog has turned up as yet, but a sleeve lists catalog numbers in the 2013-2065 range

Label Acme-2009Label Kadewelt 6016Label Acme 2049
Label Acme 2008-59Acme-Papiertüte Acme-2003 Bert Cohan

"Amateur Jazzband", ca late 1925: Austin Egen (piano), Graf Bethusy (drums), Herr Roehr (saxophone), Claire Rommer (clarinet), Herr Hartmann (saxophone), Herr Lichtenstein (banjo)

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