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We herewith offer a label listing of the German Gnom label, 15cm diameter issues. The titles were originally recorded for Lindström, Vox and Grammophon.  Most titles have been recorded in Berlin (BER), Copenhagen (KOB), Helsinki (HEL), Solna (SOL), Stockholm (STO), and probably other locations including Batavia (BAT).

Discographical details and label scans are thankfully acknowledged to René Aagard (Dänemark), Hans-Peter Adler (Internet), Bolko Burger, Deutsches Musikarchiv (Berlin), Björn Englund (Stockholm), Christoph Gottschalch (Hamburg), Andreas Grassmann (Obersulm), Günther Grunow (Radebeul), Peder Hansen (Svendborg),  Bernd Meyer-Rähnitz (Dresden), Anders B. V. Pedersen (Dänemark), Walter Prinz (Wien), Christian Zwarg (Berlin)

From issue 331 onwards, most discs were pressed on the Polyphon rather than the Gnom label, sometimes both label variatioins exist. The "K" prefix was sometimes replaced by "GK". Early discs used different order and catalog numbers while later discs show -A and -B sides instead; however, some discs exist in both versions.
For the small-sized Gnom discs the recording engineers used suffixes which differed from those used for 25cm size discs:
L P =   engineer ax
KP =   engineer ar
RP =   engineer at
EP =   engineer BR
OP =   engineer bf
MP =   unidentified
z     =   Vox master

During the late 1930s, the 500-Series re-recorded some of the earlier titles with different artists

Gnom 15cm diameter discs. Attention: This is a large file which may require a long loading time. Be patient...

  Gnom Label K91 Gnom Dänemark GK196
     Gustav Stresemann WahlredeGnom Polyphon GK524A Gnom Polyphon K544A 
  Gnom Huelle und Label K207  Gnom Huelle und Label K553
Organon Gustav Althoff Tonfilm

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