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Spezial-Radio-Haus "Lukra", Berlin


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We herewith offer a label listing of the Jewish-owned German Lukraphon company. The records are exceedingly rare, some have never been found. All surviving discs have been reissued on CD by Bear Family Records BCD 16030 LM and the detailed company history has been published as an accompanying bilingual book "Vorbei - Dokumentation jüdischen Musiklebens in Berlin 1933-1938/ Beyond Recall - A Record of Jewish musical life in Nazi Berlin 1933-1938" (ISBN 3-89795-825-2). If you can add, please get in touch. We would be pleased to know if any of the missing discs can be located.

Among those who have provided information are the following:  Itshak Bakon (Nezer Sireni), Horst Bergmeier (Apeldoorn), Beth Hatefutsoth (Tel Aviv), Bibliothèque Nationale de France (Paris), Nicole Bishops Whiteman (London), Jean Michel Borin (Mulhouse), British Library/National Sound Archive (London), Friedrich Carthaser (Berlin), Centrum Judaicum/ Stiftung Neue Synagoge  (Berlin), Pat Conte (New York), Deutsches Musikarchiv (Berlin), Bernd Dickmann (Berlin), Friedrich Eisler (Haifa), Eyal Jakob Eisler (Esslingen), Alfred Fassbind (Rüti), Gila Flam (Jerusalem), Ruth Fried (Jerusalem), Julian Futter (London), Frau Freydank (Berlin), Gabriel Goessel (Prag), Ralph Gonley (Wimbledon), P. Gonski (Didsbury), Birgit Gregor (Landin), Elijahu Hakohen (Ramat Gan), Klaus Hohn (Nürnberg), Tomas Holländer (Hattingen), Thea Hurst (Hebden Bridge), Jewish Theological Seminary of America (New York), Wolfdieter Jordan (Hamburg), Jüdisches Museum (Berlin), Eliott Kahn (New York), Vladimír Kaiser (Ústi nad Labem), Ingo Kolasa (Berlin), Aubrey Kreike (Manchester), Volker Kühn (Berlin), Ze'ev Lewin (Ramat Gan), Library of Congress (Washibgton DC), Joachim Maier (Wembley), David Maughfling (Cheltenham), Avi Nachmias (Jerusalem), National Sound Archive (London), National & University Library (Jerusalem), New York Public Library (New York), Norbert Nitsche (Wien), Norbert Noritz (Hamburg), Österreichische Phonothek (Wien), Rita Ottens (Berlin), Melodi Pelloni-Robins (Wolfhausen), Shabtai Petruschka (Jerusalem), Peter Rahn (Berlin), Rodgers & Hammerstein Archive (New York), Joel Rubin (Berlin), Drori Schay (Jerusalem), Andreas Schmauder (Horben), Christiane Schütz (Berlin), Ronald Schwarz (Hamburg), David Schwarzmer (Miami Beach), Shmuel Schwarzmer (Los Angeles), Barry Serota (Chicago), Andrew Simons (London), Lorin Sklamberg (New York), Marcella Stern (Graz), Stiftung Archiv der Akademie der Künste (Berlin), Stefan Streif (Berlin), Klaus Teubig (Berlin), Janet Topp-Fargion (London), Axel Weggen (Düsseldorf), Clari Weissgerber (Haifa), Richard Weize (Vollersode), Bret Werb (Washington), Jürgen Wittneben (Berlin), Arnt-Enno Worm (Moers), Yiddish Music Fund/Jewish Theological Seminary  (New York), YIVO Institute for Jewish Research (New York), Art Zimmerman (New York), Akiva Zimmermann (Jerusalem)

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Lukraphon 1110-1160:  25 and 30cm diameter discs

Further explanations
M = Musik, music or composer
T = Text , lyrics or lyricist
NE followed by month/ and year = Neuerscheinung, date of first release

There are only two label designs, shown at the top of this page; the second type was used from issue 1130 onwards. Test pressings have indistinct blank labels. No printed sleeves exist. No complete catalog has turned up as yet.
 If you have additions or corrections: Please contact us by e-mail: Rainer E. Lotz

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