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Peter Bastiné, Lyle Boehland, Margarida Estanyol Ullate, Jos Hocks, Paul Sonntag, Kirk Thorsteinson

Introductory notes:
The basic idea of a gramophone postcard is to glue a single sided miniature disc record onto a postcard and punch a center hole through both card and disc. For further details see the
exploratory history of the phono postcard

Weco Tonbild-Postkarten (Weco phono postcards) are entirely coated with a translucent material into which the grooves of the electric recordings were pressed. Musical content and graphic designs often matched, and renowned artists were employed to record recent compositions. The same masters occasionally surface with different designs and different languages printed on the back. Weco also produced advertising cards, both under the trade marks Weco and Wecoton.

Wecoton appears to have been a subsidiary of Weco, specifically for advertising purposes. Most of the Wecoton discs had a rectangular shape.




146 157 166-1 168-1 178
181   203 208  


Other Wecoton discs had the appearance of a regular Weco card. A good example is the Agfa card Nr. 157, found  by Kirk Thorsteinson in Singapore. A thorough anylysis can be found on his website.




It is not presently possible to determine the total number of cards produced, and information on matrix numbers etc can only be derived from physical autopsy of the artifacts.. If you have additions or corrections: Please contact us by e-mail: Birgit-Lotz-Verlag@gmx.de



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